Terri Bell | Principal

Terri is an award-winning lawyer and has advised some of the world’s largest multinational companies on complex transport industry matters. Terri’s strong client base and ability to deliver outstanding results drove her to create her very own boutique law firm that you now know as TLB LAW & CO.

Terri has vast experience in dealing with complex legal issues in the maritime and transport industry after becoming a founding member and past VP of the Women’s International Shipping and Trading Association (WISTA). She also deepened her experience further by chairing the NSW Branch of the Maritime Law Association of Australia and New Zealand.

She has worked with carriers such as; P&I Clubs and marine insurers, freight forwarders, road haulage carriers, importers, and exporters just to name a few.

She is a highly accomplished employment lawyer and thrives seeing her clients take an ethical approach to employment law. She deeply enjoys helping them understand their obligations so they can rest easy at night knowing their business is compliant.

She also assists employers and employees alike with contracts, disciplinary matters and disputes including; Unfair Dismissal and General Protections claims, breach of contract, and discrimination matters.

After receiving her Bachelor of Laws with First Class Honours, Terri went on to lecture and perform research at Sydney’s University of Technology. She lectured on various subject matters including Indigenous Peoples & Self-determination and a master’s subject on intellectual property.

Ellie Wolfenden | Associate

Ellie is known for her hard work and commitment to her client’s success. This attitude has served her well in becoming one of TLB LAW & COs most valued and highly sought-after lawyers. Clients regularly seek out Ellie’s understanding and clear approach to commercial and employment matters. 

Ellie holds a combined Bachelor of Laws and Economics and Social Sciences and went on to obtain her master’s degree in International Law.

She has an exceptional talent in understanding the technicalities of law and using this knowledge to provide fast and effective commercial solutions for her clients.

Ellie has extensive experience in debt recovery matters, corporation law, and insurance law and employment matters. She also has a keen interest in corporations’ law and international trade and transport disputes with a solid understanding of Australian Modern Slavery legislation.

Steve | TLB LAW & CO’s practice manager

Steve is TLB LAW & CO’s practice manager.

Steve has an engineering background and prior to joining the TLB LAW & CO team he worked on some of the UK’s and Australia’s most preeminent construction projects.

After many years in the industry Steve decided on a career change. He supports the team with his solid methodical approach derived from years of project management. He also ensures the office motivator is kept in line and does his job properly.

Iggy | Team Motivator

Iggy is one of TLB LAW & CO’s most valued employees. Iggy’s notable skills include sniffing out a new toy from a mile away, lifting staff morale with his high-level of affection and cuteness, and lastly his cheeky personality that gets the whole office smiling. An invaluable employee that TLB LAW & CO love dearly.

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