We offer tailored Employment Law solutions for businesses and employees to help create a safe and enjoyable work environment

Employment Law and Workplace disputes are a complex topic, and it is essential that you have skilled Employment Law Lawyers to get you results.

Along-side advising small to large businesses, TLB LAW & CO also provides legal advice for employees who are being unfairly treated in the workplace, are experiencing workplace discrimination and who want a high-level of employment advice before starting their new role, during their employment or following termination.

Our team of skilled lawyers will deal with workplace legal issues to create a safer and more productive environment. We offer a range of services for employees and businesses that include resolving disputes, such as:

  • Preparation and review of employment contracts including executive contracts
  • Human resource policies and workplace procedures
  • Assistance with managing performance or conduct issues, including with respect to procedural fairness
  • Termination of Employment Processes
  • Unfair Dismissal and General Protections applications or responses in Fair Work claims
  • Discrimination matters
  • Compliance with the Fair Work Act
  • Workplace Investigation

TLB LAW & CO has some of the best employment lawyers in Sydney servicing not only local and national clients—but also the world.

We help our international clients, who are looking to move their businesses to Australia, successfully navigate their way through their employment obligations when entering the Australian Market.

Contact us today to speak with one of our highly skilled workplace lawyers and let’s transform your business into an enjoyable and productive environment.

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