Employment and workplace law is a diverse and ever-changing area.

Employment and workplace law encompasses many issues including employment contracts, workplace policies, awards, wage disputes, unfair dismissal, adverse action, redundancies, bullying and discrimination.

We help businesses, organisations and employees with their workplace issues every day.


In an ever changing and complex system, we assist businesses to navigate the variety of issues and matters they face within the Australian workplace system to ensure they have a compliant and productive workplace.

Importantly, we love working with businesses to help them create ethical and compliant workplaces and we can assist with mitigating the risk of a dispute or claim occurring by advising on employment agreements, contract negotiation with new employees, policies, procedures and awards.   




We help employees to understand their rights, act in unfair dismissal cases, and can help to address allegations of performance or redundancies and other workplace issues such as bullying, discrimination or underpayment claims.


Our team has assisted many employees to negotiate with their employers. If you have an issue, we encourage you to contact our team for a confidential discussion.

Unfortunately, disputes do occur and in those circumstances we are experienced working on claims that may be pursued through different courts and tribunals including Fair Work Australia, the Federal Magistrates Court, and the Anti-Discrimination Board

Our team of lawyers can guide you through the complex Australian employment law framework. 

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