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Free 1 Hour Webinar on 9 February 2021
11am AEDT / 1pm NZT


By the end of the webinar, you'll know exactly what you need to know to plan and write your organisation's modern slavery statement.

Essential knowledge for CEOs, CFOs, in house counsel, human resource executives, risk management officers

This webinar starts in...

Learn how to prepare your

modern slavery statement.

Do you know what you have to do to prepare your modern slavery statement?

Kinda? Sorta? Not at all?

Don't stress. This free webinar is for you!

Join Terri Bell - award-winning lawyer for a 1 hour FREE MASTERCLASS where you’ll learn what you need to do to prepare your modern slavery statement and even save you time!

You’ll leave with a plan you can take with you to prepare your organisation's modern slavery statement by March 2021, or at least the building blocks that you can use to prepare your statement.


Our 5 step methodology needed to create a modern slavery statement.

Walk away with key actionable steps to help you prepare your organisation's modern slavery statement.


Learn the one (Big!) don't when preparing your modern slavery statement.

During this FREE webinar, you'll learn:



Terri Bell

Award winning lawyer and founder of Terri Bell & Co

I love working in the trade and transport industry and I love finding solutions to help businesses. I realised many businesses need help with their modern slavery statements.

And whilst there is a lot of information out there, it's hard for businesses to pull it all together.

So with my team we built a plan. 

It’s a framework based on 5 key areas. It’s simple, it’s clear, it works.

Follow the plan and you'll be able to prepare an amazing modern slavery statement that makes a difference to the estimated 40.3 million people throughout the world who are victims, and you will be proud of.



Join me for my webinar and I’ll walk you through the plan that draws on our 5-step framework.

When you’re prepared at the start of the year, you set yourself up to meet the March 2021 deadline.

This masterclass will give you the confidence, organisation and knowledge to deliver a modern slavery statement by March 2021.


After doing this masterclass you'll have the tools to be able to create a modern slavery statement that you're proud of, protects your organisation and board, makes a difference, and one you can EVEN use to engage your workforce and other clients.