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The professional fees and other charges contained in this notice are being offered to NTI in consideration of Terri Bell & Co providing legal services to NTI as a panel law firm.  

The fees contained in this document are current as at May 2019.  Our rates are reviewed on a regular basis and may change during the course of a matter. In relation to lengthy matters this may impact upon our cost estimates (which may be revised accordingly). You will be given 30 days' notice in writing of any foreshadowed changes to our charge out rates.

You will be proportionately charged for work involving shorter periods less than an hour. Our charges are structured in 6 minutes units. For example, the time charged for an attendance of up to 6 minutes will be 1 unit and the time charged for an attendance between 6 and 12 minutes will be 2 units.



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Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation. Solicitor directors and legal practitioners employed by Terri Bell & Co Pty Limited are members of the scheme.

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