A firm effort to provide pro bono and low bono legal services.



The focus of Terri Bell & Co’s pro bono program is on enhancing access to justice for:

  1. disadvantaged people and disadvantaged communities;

  2. not for profit organisations working for disadvantaged people and disadvantaged communities;

  3. public interest matters (e.g., working for a nonprofit advocating for increased public investment in small farms to improve the environment and economic viability of regional communities).

  4. For-profit entities if they are either:

    1. Newly formed for-profit entities focused on advancing a sustainably economy and begun by low-income entrepreneurs who, as individuals, may be income-eligible for pro bono legal services; or

    2. Mission-aligned for-profit entities that are formed and operate primarily to advance a sustainable economy and, where:

      1. The business venture has as its primary mission and purpose the enhancement of the economic, health, or social condition of low-income and disadvantaged people and groups or of the environment;

      2. The revenues from the business venture, if any, are used directly to support this mission;

      3. The business venture does not have sufficient operating funds to pay for legal and other professional services without sacrificing its mission; and

The pro bono relationship is time-limited, to last only until the business can pay for counsel without sacrificing its mission.

If you do not qualify for pro bono services you may qualify for ow low bono services and we encourage you to get in touch.


We recognise that entities or individuals who may not qualify for pro bono assistance (either with Terri Bell & Co or via other providers of pro bono service), but cannot afford to obtain advice at a full-fee rate are an underserved group.

Providing services to such entities and individuals on a ‘low-bono’ or fixed fee basis is an important part of Terri Bell & Co’s social corporate responsibility and an important aspect of its lawyers and paralegals’ social responsibility and professional development.


The main areas of Terri Bell & Co’s low bono work are:

(a)       Corporate & NGO/Transactional Work: Contracts, Incorporation, Governance, Organisational Disputes;

(b)      Consumers: Credit & Debit;

(c)       Victims compensation applications;

(d)      Real Estate, (eg commercial leasing, residential tenancy issues);

(e)      Website related issues such as privacy policy, website terms and conditions;

(f)        Employment Law: Industrial Relations, Unlawful/Unfair Dismissal, Discrimination & Human Rights;

(g)       Housing & Tenancy: for tenants and not-for-profits;

(h)      Substitute Decision Making: Power of Attorney, Appointment of Enduring Guardian;

(i)        Wills & Estates;

(j)        Arbitration: assistance GTA arbitration and FOS;

(k)       Litigation: assistance with small scale litigation matters, work for non-profit/charitable organisations or groups of clients where the firm’s skills can be best utilised;

(l)        Work as set out above for startups or small-scale businesses dealing in products or services with a social or environmental benefit.

Please note: Our ability to provide assistance is subject to a number of factors including our capacity, our abilities to assist, conflict rules and policies. You will only become a client of our firm upon entering into an engagement agreement with us. 


If you have any questions please contact us on info@tlblaw.com.au.